Winds of Prism

We are a team, together we are united, together we are strong. #Arcadia

We are an adult group, bound together on pride, team work and Unity regardless of gender, religion, political beliefs,sexual orientation or race.
This group was founded to be a community, a team working together to accomplish a common goal. We Stand Together United to help, to encourage and to be strong as one while the wind carries our bright light. Shining with respect, honor and the essence of being a team that stays together will slay together, while having fun doing it.

Medals awarded
  • Everything but the kitchen sinkHad over 75% clan member participation in an event
  • First SquadFinished first place in a Squad division event
  • The more you give, the more you getHad over 50% clan member participation in an event
  • Top 10 SquadFinished in the top 10 of a Squad division event
  • Top 3 SquadFinished in the top 3 of a Squad division event
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