We Funk. HARD.

Defunkt is a group of individuals that thrive for shenanigans. If you're a solid player who gets end game and challenging activities accomplished while your teammates do their best to try to get you killed, all while laughing until you cry then we're the clan for you. If you like teaming up to tackle PvP activities like bounties, Iron Banner or even Trials of Osiris then we're the clan for you. If you like putting your head down with your serious game face on and get tilted at the first sign of failure then we're probably not your cup of tea. Lighten up, buttercup!

We require that all members of Defunkt be active members of our community. We organize all communication and shenanigans from our Discord server. Please join us there to be part of the community:

We will be mildly vetting new members based on activity and personality, so getting onto our Discord and being an active community member is a must.

Medals awarded
  • Top 10 CompanyFinished in the top 10 of a Company division event
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