Ready Clan One

We're adults who want to get things done, but maintain a fun and relaxed atmosphere

Life need not be a story, but it does need to be an adventure.

We're a small clan of gaming friends that have been playing Destiny since the beginning. We're all adults in our 30's, most with kids, that want to tackle things in this game with like minded individuals. We get things done, and enjoy the ride.

We have a focus on playing with other adults who want to have fun. Drinking raids are a thing for us, and our faces usually hurt the following day from laughter.

We are active in both PVE and PVP. We also use Discord to arrange games and keep in touch.

Our members are mostly from the US and UK and we are open to members from all time zones. If you are interested in joining, please message PIWO on PSN to get started.

Medals awarded
  • The more you give, the more you getHad over 50% clan member participation in an event
  • Top 10 PlatoonFinished in the top 10 of a Platoon division event
  • Top 10 SquadFinished in the top 10 of a Squad division event
  • Top 3 PlatoonFinished in the top 3 of a Platoon division event
  • Top 3 SquadFinished in the top 3 of a Squad division event
Clan roster is being processed. Please check back later.