Family First

AC1 is a mature clan covering eu/us time zones with members on throughout the day. We are primarily an endgame clan focusing mainly on perfecting raid encounters and developing strategies while also completing all weekly activities together.
We don't put up with elitism, we like to relax and have fun. A lot of us are parents so having kids in the back ground isn't an issue or if you need to jump off in the middle of a raid or activity that is completely fine.
All we ask is that you join our discord server and are active in game and in the discord, its a great way to get to know the clan on a personal level as well as organise activities.

Medals awarded
  • The more you give, the more you getHad over 50% clan member participation in an event
  • Top 10 PlatoonFinished in the top 10 of a Platoon division event
  • Top 3 PlatoonFinished in the top 3 of a Platoon division event
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