DoD Relics Squad

Defense...Offense...Oh heck, just shoot the mans!

Small clan of active Destiny players that has members related to Dads of Destiny and affiliated groups. Focus is a good mix of PvP and PvE endgame, weekly, and seasonal activities. This is an experienced, but not elite clan. We play regularly and like to have a good time as a group. If you are an elite player you are welcome as long as you are patient with average players. You are also welcome if you are a solo or newer player that wants to play the game in a good group of people. PS4 in the Eastern time zone of the U.S.

Medals awarded
  • Everything but the kitchen sinkHad over 75% clan member participation in an event
  • The more you give, the more you getHad over 50% clan member participation in an event
  • Top 10 SquadFinished in the top 10 of a Squad division event
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