Cup of Tea And Biscuits

Chilled and relaxed PS4 Clan.

New clan - with year 1 players
No rules other than to be respectful to each other and be over 18.

We are the Cup Of Tea and Biscuit Clan ( TAB) for Destiny 2.

We are a PS4 clan , we are currently only a small clan, but looking for fellow guardians to join us.

We are mostly a uk time zone
We ask that you are 18+ and show respect to one another.

We use discord to communicate and chat so this is a must to join us.

A mic is preferred to be able to raid and other activities.

We understand everyone has a life outside of gaming so there are no rules to how active you are, but
If you are inactive for more than
30 days we will remove you from the clan.

Feel free to pop into our server and see if its for you

And don't forget to apply to join

We may be small but together we can grow into something great.

Clan roster is being processed. Please check back later.