☆D(. )( .)M《♤》G(●)(°)N$☆

There is no Business to be done on a dead planet.

Welcome fellow Goonz!
I started this clan for those seeking a chill group of friendly gamers who like myself just realy enjoy grinding with others in this great big world of destiny.
Everyone has a place here and will be accectpted with open arms Because The objective of this clan is to connect with friendly gamers who are up for anything no matter what lite lvl they may be. Team work is always the key but always feel free to play how you want when you want I wont kick you out.
Trolling, hazing, or harassment will not be tolerated nobody likes a bully!
Any Guardians with Satanic Names, references, numbers, or symbols Will NOT be accepted into this clan! admins please advise!
Have fun slaying and play nice.
17+ Guardians only

Always remember...
...Guardians who slay together stay together.

Destiny 2 Essentials:
Destiny 2 fireteam app
Ishtar commander
Where is Xur

Clan roster is being processed. Please check back later.