A clan is the family you get to choose, we fight with and for each other.

We did not all start off as experts knowledgeable in all aspects of the game we had guidance we had players that came before us that showed us the way. We will carry on this tradition and are always willing to help a fellow guardian in need. Whether we are conquering a raid, forging our valor in crucible, taking on endless waves in gambit, decimating our enemies in strikes or simply playing story missions. No task is to small or irrelevant to assist a fellow clan mate. Our admins are always available with a simple request, if we are on join our party. With new adventures always around the corner there is not shortage of endeavors for us to conquer.

We will always stand ready to prevail, no matter what the darkness provides. When we meet on the battle field will you join us? Or will you be left in our wake as we climb the peak and reach the summit?

Medals awarded
  • First CompanyFinished first place in a Company division event
  • The more you give, the more you getHad over 50% clan member participation in an event
  • Top 10 CompanyFinished in the top 10 of a Company division event
  • Top 10 PlatoonFinished in the top 10 of a Platoon division event
  • Top 10 SquadFinished in the top 10 of a Squad division event
  • Top 3 CompanyFinished in the top 3 of a Company division event
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