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Score points by completing matches in the Quickplay playlist

  • Automatic LockdownLose points off your total score for each kill with an auto rifle.

    Creator: Smokedm [RIO]
    Icon: Jaime M. Laurel
  • Nice throw!Get bonus points for grenade kills

    Icon: Hea Poh Lin
  • Variety is the Spice of LifeGet an increased multipler for each different weapon you use

    Icon: Xela Ub

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Iron Banner 6v6

Iron Banner is back and is now 6v6! Play Iron Banner, earn points!

  • Rocky Balboa's TraineeGet bonus points for melee kills

    Icon: miza bin
  • Double DownGet Double Kills for bonus points

    Icon: Optimus Prime
  • Band togetherGet an increased multiplier for playing with members of the your clan (stackable)

    Icon: Gabriel Vogel
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The Best of the BestFinished with the highest score overall for an event
  • PlayStation Network
Unknown Redux
First PlatoonFinished first place in a Platoon division event
  • PlayStation Network
Seven Hammers
First SquadFinished first place in a Squad division event
  • PlayStation Network
My clan's name was Taken®