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Current event

Iron Banner Control

Iron Banner returns again for season 3! Play Iron Banner, earn points!

  • This is my HouseBonus points each time you get the "I Live Here Now" medal

    Icon: arif fajar yulianto
  • No ApologiesBonus points for any kill with 'Vigilance Wing', 'Graviton Lance', or 'Colony'

    Icon: Simon Child
  • Helping HandGet an extra 50% boost for each each member of your fireteam that ends the match with either 1.0+ KD or 2.0+ efficiency

    Icon: Demetria Rose
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Previous event

Anything PvP

Play whatever you want - All PvP modes earn points!

  • MercilessGet bonus points for each 5x killing spree

    Icon: Optimus Prime
  • Warmind Anti-metaLose 50 points for each kills obtained with either 'Graviton Lance', 'Antiope-D' or 'Vigilance Wing'

    Icon: TMD
  • Winner Winner Chicken DinnerDouble your score if your team wins

    Icon: Artem Kovyazin
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The Best of the BestFinished with the highest score overall for an event
  • Xbox Live
First PlatoonFinished first place in a Platoon division event
  • PlayStation Network
Seven Hammers
First SquadFinished first place in a Squad division event
  • PlayStation Network

Next event

MaYhEm RaIDs

The inmates of mayhem challenges you to run the leviathan. Come and try your luck! This is a clan sponsored event.

  • Not very exoticAll kills with exotic weapons are worth half points

    Creator: Lady-Harley-Q [MEDS]
    Icon: iconsphere
  • I hit a rockDon't die! Each death loses you 1000 points!

    Creator: Lady-Harley-Q [MEDS]
    Icon: Tom Fricker
  • Raid TimingYour total score will be modified based on completion time. Please the FAQ's for more information

    Icon: Pixel Lab