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Current event

Crimson Days

Crimson Days is back in Destiny 2! Play the special Crimson Days PvP playlist and earn points!

  • Crimson Double DownGet double kills in Crimson Days to earn buckets of points

    Icon: Ker'is & Optimus Prime
  • Boy ScoutGet bonus points for scout rifle kills

    Creator: jkibbe
    Icon: AomAm
  • Make the dreamworkEarn double points if you win and at least one member of your team is in your clan

    Icon: Gabriel Vogel
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Previous event


5 day strike event! Play strikes, earn points!

  • Luke Skywalker's PadawanGet bonus points for sword kills

    Icon: Colour Block
  • Rocky Balboa's TraineeGet bonus points for melee kills

    Icon: miza bin
  • Frag and TagGet an extra 10% bonus for each grenade or melee kill

    Creator: FRAGmethod HD
    Icon: Hea Poh Lin, Krish & miza bin
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The Best of the BestFinished with the highest score overall for an event
  • PlayStation Network
Seekers of Sin PS4
First PlatoonFinished first place in a Platoon division event
  • PlayStation Network
Away From Console
First SquadFinished first place in a Squad division event
  • PlayStation Network
The Manic ReUnion

Next event

Iron Banner

What better way to celebrate Crimson Days ending than spending the week in Iron Banner?

  • PulsatingGet bonus points for pulse rifle kills
  • ScrublordGet bonus points for Telesto, The Colony or Jotunn
  • Fully StackedGet triple score if you have a full fireteam of 6 clan members