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We are currently taking a short break before announcing event #100 so please check back over the next few days.

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Iron Banner Perfected

Iron Banner returns for the final time this season and this time, you have a new toy to play with! Play Iron Banner and earn points!

  • Pure PerfectionOutbreak Prime is back but it's been perfected! Use your new toy and earn bonus points
  • BullseyeGet bonus points for each precision kill

    Icon: Zlatko Najdenovski
  • Make the dreamworkEarn double points if you win and at least one member of your team is in your clan

    Icon: Gabriel Vogel
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The Best of the BestFinished with the highest score overall for an event
  • PlayStation Network
Unknown Redux
First PlatoonFinished first place in a Platoon division event
  • PlayStation Network
First SquadFinished first place in a Squad division event
  • PlayStation Network