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Iron Banner

Iron Banner is back for one last time in season 4! Fight for your clan and earn points in Iron Banner.

  • Anything You Can DoBonus points for shutting down an enemy's Super using your own Super
  • Weapons of the BeastsBonus points for each kill you get with an Iron Banner Season 4 weapon

    Icon: Lorc
  • Band togetherGet an increased multiplier for playing with members of your clan (stacks)

    Icon: Gabriel Vogel
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Score points by completing matches in the Quickplay playlist

  • Stop the stopperBonus points for ending an enemy kill-streak

    Icon: Optimus Prime
  • Telesto FestoKills with Telesto are worth double points

    Icon: Casper Jensen
  • Helping HandGet an extra 50% boost for each each member of your fireteam that ends the match with either 1.0+ KD or 2.0+ efficiency

    Icon: Demetria Rose
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The Best of the BestFinished with the highest score overall for an event
First PlatoonFinished first place in a Platoon division event
  • PlayStation Network
First SquadFinished first place in a Squad division event
  • PlayStation Network

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Score points by completing Gambit matches

  • Be a SuperheroKills with supers are worth 5x more
  • Making a DepositGet bonus points for each mote you bank in Gambit
  • Let me handle thisDouble your score if you do most damage to your primeval