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Spend a few days in Competitive and see if you can top the other clans!

  • Nice throw!Get bonus points for grenade kills

    Icon: Hea Poh Lin
  • You've earned itYou've spent time earning the The Mountaintop - use it to earn buckets of points!
  • PerfectionIn a round based game type, triple your score if you don't lose a single round

    Icon: Montu Yadav

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Let's try Gambit in Season 5! Play Gambit, earn points!

  • Bow-ness pointsGet bonus points for kills with a bow

    Icon: Hat-Tech
  • Oops, I'm trashLose points for each mote you hold if you die whilst holding them

    Creator: Lady-Harley-Q
  • Let me handle thisDouble your score if you do most damage to your primeval
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